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Junio Prepaid Card 


Junio is a prepaid card That provides 2% cash back for every recharge through UPI and 3% for every swipe and 1% on all online payments and 5% in services like swiggy and zomato 


To effectively save the cashback and make hay while the sun shines

Materials Required

Aadhar card

JUNIO (Get Now)



1, Use the JUNIO card when never it is possible to use the card for your payments

2, Scrath the scratch cards and collect the cashback

3, divide the cashback into two

4, Invest One half in Physical Gold

5, other half in digital gold

6, Repeat the procedure for Next month


  • We buy the physical gold by local jewelly Schemes

  • And Digital Gold by Paymtm Gold


In the month of march 
we received cashback of =  ₹998
Divide them into two =998/2= ₹499
Physical Gold = 499
Digital gold = 499



700 (1080 × 1080 px) (1000 × 1000 px).png


By saving the Cashback for 3 months from March 2021 as said in the expirement it accumulated the 0.346 gm Physical gold and 0.321 Digtal Gold of total 0.667 gm​

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