Slice Credit Card 

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Slice is a credit card That provides 1% cashback for every transaction except fuel if we collected 3,00,000 Monies we can unlock the 1.5% Cashback, if we collected 5,00,000 monies we can unlock 2% Cashback where monies are reward coins for all transaction


To effectively save the cashback and make Use of the credit card to build good credit score

Materials Required

Aadhar card

Slice Card (Get Now)



1, Use the Slice card when never it is possible to use the card for your payments

2, Collect the Cashback at end every month

3, divide the cashback into two

4, Invest One half in Physical Silver

5, other half in digital Silver

6, Repeat the procedure for Next month


  • We buy the physical silver as Coin in local Jeweller shops

  • Digital silver in Augmont


In the month of march 
we received cashback of =  ₹998
Divide them into two =998/2= ₹499
Physical Gold = 499
Digital gold = 499



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By saving the Cashback for 3 months from March 2021 as said in the expirement it accumulated the 6.89 gm silver coin  and 6.89 Digital Silver of total 13.78 gm​